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Oxford Falls
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Garigal National Park extensions - Proposal History

- extract from NPA's Latham Report

1949: Several nature conservation societies considered that the whole of the Deep Creek catchment and part of Middle Creek catchment had such great natural values that they should be protected in a Warringah National Park. However, the proposal was not approved because it involved the acquisition of so much alienated land.

View from Cromer Heights

1961: NPA proposal for a National Park in the Deep Creek - Narrabeen area. This was supported by the National Trust (NSW) and the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia.1968: The National Trust's publication Sydney 2000 proposed the addition of the Deep Creek catchment to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

1974: Northern Beaches Bushland Committee proposal for a Regional Natural Park in the Middle Creek - Deep Creek area. This was supported by the NPA, National Trust (NSW), Total Environment Centre and ten local associations and environment groups NBBC 1974).

1977: October. Collin C Donges and Associates (Consulting Town Planners and Surveyors, Landscape and Environmental Analysts, and Property Consultants) wrote to the NPA, National Trust (NSW), National Parks and Wildlife Foundation and the Wildlife Preservation Society to urge discouragement of development in the Deep Creek area and recommend its acquisition by the NPWS for nature conservation purposes (pers. comm. in NPA files 7.10.77).

1977: November. Submission from the NPA to the State Pollution Control Commission about the preservation and management of Narrabeen Lagoon (including the Deep Creek catchment) as a National Park or State Recreation Area, or preferably as an addition to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

1984: The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC) claimed about 500 ha in the Deep Creek catchment area.

1986: The National Trust (NSW), at the recommendation of its Landscape Assessment Committee, classified and entered into the National Trust Register the Narrabeen Lakes Western Catchments Landscape Conservation Area, including the area currently proposed for addition to Garigal National Park. The National Trust also recommended that Narrabeen Lakes and the catchment of Deep Creek be dedicated as a State Recreation Area centred on Narrabeen Lagoon.

1987: NPA proposal for reservation of the Deep Creek catchment. The southern boundary was the same as that of the 1995 proposal, although it extended east to Wakehurst Parkway incorporating the recreation reserve.

Late 1980s: After an unsuccessful bid by the land owner, Dainford Pty Ltd, to subdivide the catchment's ridges for residential development, a land swap was agreed to whereby 95% of the freeholdings (about 900 ha) were obtained by the Government and vested in public ownership.

1990: April. Stage 1 of Garigal National Park (approximately 786 ha) was gazetted.

1991: April. The NPA announced that the proposed Garigal National Park was too small to be ecologically sustainable and should have included more of the Deep Creek catchment, adjacent crown land, Narrabeen Lagoon foreshores and the lagoon itself(NPA Press Release 6.4.91).

1991: April. The NPA noted that the Garigal National Park proposal appeared to be the first stage of a larger National Park and requested from the then Minister for the Environment (Mr Tim Moore) comments about possible further stages (pers. comm. in NPA files 15.4.91).

Early 1992: The Independent, Dr Terry Metherill, introduced to the Legislative Assembly a Private Members Bill (the Garigal Park Extension Bill 33kb .pdf) which was designed to bring the Park southward along the Wakehurst Parkway and incorporated the Manly Dam Reserve. However, the MLALC, which had already been granted approximately 200 ha in the vicinity and had made claims in 1984 for a further 58 portions totalling about 250 ha in the Oxford Falls area proposed by the Extension Bill, persuaded the Labor Party to vote against the Metherill Bill which was then defeated.

1992: April. Davidson State Recreation Area (of approximately 1200 ha and embracing most of Middle Harbour from North St Ives to Killarney Heights) was transferred from its Administrative Trust to the NPWS as an addition to Garigal National Park. The NPWS planned to include the vacant land to the south of the National Park.

1992: Stage 2 of Garigal National Park (including the former Davidson SRA) was reserved.

1993: June. Most of the proposed Stage 3 of Garigal National Park was granted to the MLALC. Although the NPWS had tried to prove their interest in the area prior to 1984 by using the NPA's 1961 Deep Creek National Park proposal, the then Minister for CaLM (Mr George Souris) granted 57 of the Land Council's claims, with no restrictions, against the advice of the NPWS who said the grants would prevent the gazettal of a reasonable southern boundary to Garigal National Park. One of the conditions of the Aboriginal land grant was that members of the MLALC would consult with the NPWS about a conservation agreement which would enable the latter to proceed with the planned southern extension (Stage 3) of Garigal National Park. By 1995 the MLALC had still not acted on this.

1994: February. An addition of 130 ha in one Portion was made in the north-east corner of Garigal National Park adjoining Monash Golf Course.

1994: June. The NPA emphasised to the Director General of the NPWS the need to add the 29 Crown Portions to the National Park and to pursue a conservation agreement with the MLALC for the 9 Aboriginal-owned Portions of 62 ha (pers. comm. NPA to NPWS 7.6.94). The NPWS desired such an agreement to ensure a sensible southern boundary and cover such items as fire and noxious weed control and were still attempting to negotiate with the MLALC.

1995: The State Labor Party claimed that it would gazette Garigal National Park additions (including Manly Dam Reserve) if elected in March 1995 (Carr 1995; Daily Telegraph Mirror 23.1.95 p.5).

1995: October. NPA proposal for Crown Lands and freehold additions to Garigal National Park in first edition of the Lathamreport.

1999: January. Renewed NPA proposal for Crown Lands and freehold additions to Garigal National Park.

2004: January/February. Public comment was invited to the Dept of Lands assessment of crown lands between Cromer and Belrose. Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR) collated responses and a final determination of the preferred land use is under progress.

(Adapted in part from notes supplied by Jim Somerville, NPA Sydney Branch).

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