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Crown Lands since 2004 within the subject area:

After the National Parks Association and other organisations requested the Department of Lands to investigate the Crown Lands between Cromer and Belrose, a process began. There was an initial assessment with a call for public submissions or comments.

In March 2005, Dept of Lands issued their Final Assessment of the Crown Lands (738kb pdf file) between Cromer and Belrose. This Final Assessment is a one page document with a map attached with no explanations of the rationale for changing the mapping areas from the initial assessment through to the final one. There are lands added to this assessment that were not in the initial one and there are lands from the initial one missing from the final one. Although "environmental protection" was the first listed use for all of these lands, the way was left open for other uses such as "urban expansion". The accompanying map showed areas for environmental protection coloured green but an orange/brown colour depicted large areas of "investigate disposal" lands.

In August 2006, the Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve (192kb pdf file) was gazetted. This incorporates approximately 546ha of Crown Land and the Management Strategy document states that about 75% of this "is intended to be managed primarily for environmental protection". This equates to 409ha which is less than what was promised by Minister Debus in 2005. A Regional Crown Reserve is not a permanent form of protection because the Dept of Lands can at any time put a small advertisement in the newspaper and degazette a portion of land out of the Reserve. It does not need to go through a Parliamentary process.

Looking North from Corymbia Circuit

The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council has placed claims over these crown lands but has stated that the intention is that these lands would become part of Gai-mariagal Aboriginal-owned National Park. If these crown lands become part of a National Park, this will provide much better environmental protection and management than what can be provided under the existing Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve.

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