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History of seeking protection for bushland
in the area now proposed for Gai-mariagal Aboriginal-owned National Park

There have been many attempts by Conservation groups to have Government set up a National Park over land in the area now proposed for Gai-mariagal Aboriginal-owned National Park and nearby areas.
Click here to read about those attempts between 1949 and 2004.

Since 2004, there have been assessments made of the Crown Land between Belrose and Cromer and the Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve was gazetted over these lands in 2006 stating that environmental protection was the preferred use for the major part of these lands..
Click here to read about the Crown Land assessment.

On 13th April, 2005, Warringah Council hosted a forum to discuss the future of Narrabeen Lagoon and its catchment. The Minister for the Environment, The Hon Bob Debus, MP, and Minister for Lands, The Hon Tony Kelly,MP, issued a joint press release(20kb pdf file) the first sentence of which reads "The catchment of Sydney's largest coastal lagoon - home to a rich array of plant and wildlife species - should be protected forever, a State Government study has revealed."

The Hon Bob Debus, MP, was the first speaker at the forum and in his speech (43kb pdf file), Minister Debus, MP, promised that 446ha of the Crown Land between Cromer and Belrose will be Protected Forever. As of June 2014, this promise has not yet been fulfilled satisfactorily.


In a parallel process, Warringah Council studied the same area in order to assess the various constraints there were to urban subdivisions and development. The Council produced a map with composite overlays of constraints such as hydrology, slope and soils that easily eroded, etc. Here is that map, where red denotes land totally unsuitable for all development with colours shading through orange and yellow showing various levels of constraint. It can be easily seen that this bushland is not suitable for development and needs to be protected as natural bushland or else there will be unacceptable degradation of the environment. Added to the layers of constraint represented here, there are bushfire risks and acknowledged Aboriginal significance to the land that also indicate that the land needs protection


In April 2014, Narrabeen State Park was declared over the Narrabeen Lagoon and lands immediately adjacent to the Lagoon. This is great news but in order to ensure the quality of the water and ecology of Narrabeen State Park there is an urgent need to establish Gai-mariagal Aboriginal-owned National Park over bushland in the Lagoon catchment. There is a similar need to protect bushland in Middle Harbour catchment that is proposed as part of Gai-mariagal Aboriginal-owned National Park.

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